Hello, and thank you for taking an interest in learning a bit more about the artist and writer behind this website. My name is Riven and, for as long as I can remember, I’ve held a passion for drawing. For almost as long, I’ve also held a passion for reading and writing, though that fire was dampened for some years.

   Growing up homeschooled in the boring suburbs of boring Missouri, my maladaptive daydreaming ran my life. With every song, I envisioned my characters in their worlds, the songs inspiring their actions and stories. With every movie and every TV show, I took notice of and drew inspiration from any small moment of truly beautiful writing, character development, and the like. My characters were like my children, and they consumed my every thought.

   Until I grew and had my own, very real children. Two beautiful souls; Scott, my quiet and cuddly eldest named for his grandfather, and Willow, my social butterfly with an ever so slight attitude and strong personality. (Which she, of course, must get from her father, It couldn’t be me!)

   My dream is to someday open my own publishing company, in which I would help other artists and writers with their own stories; getting their stories out, tangibly, into the world without it costing them an arm, a leg, their copyright, and/or the soul of their firstborn child. 

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